May 6, 2005

Slow start.

It's a rainy day here in Madison. The rain is knocking the petals off the red bud trees I've been enjoying just outside my dining room window for the last couple weeks. I'm getting a late start blogging (and everything else) today, because I lost about three hours of sleep in the middle of the night after someone dialing a wrong number woke me up at 2 a.m. People, when you're making phone calls in the middle of the night, be especially careful about the right number!

Now, I'm seeing that, during the night, my Site Meter clicked up over 1.5 million. That's pretty cool. It just hit 1 million around the 31st of January, a year and a half month after it began. Anyway, this traffic milestone -- and thanks for reading! -- is making me sorry I don't have some solid blogginess for you yet today.

So, I need to do some paper-reading and I want to do a little blogging. I've got an exam to write and an exam to grade and I'm working on a presentation for the local Bar Association about the Supreme Court's constitutional cases this term. Unfortunately, the cases I'm most interested in will not come out in time for my talk (next Tuesday). Thinking back over the term so far, I'm not coming up with much constitutional law of significance, especially outside of the criminal law area. There is the death penalty case (about those who commit their crimes at an early age), but what else?

UPDATE: That's "cases" not "case" I'm most interested in. What are they? The medical marijuana case (Raich) and the case about the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (Cutter). There's also the negative commerce clause case about wine importation (Granholm).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Ambivablog writes about blogging guilt (and links here).


Tamar said...

Wow! 1.5 million! I am truly and properly impressed. I was gleeful today because mine clicked to 6,000...oh well - it *felt* like a million and a half though! I'm sure I won't ever get to that because I am bound to stop blogging way before it could.


Rob said...

What about Kelo?

Jody said...

I thought I was cool because I just reached the 10,000 since are just a show off (JK).

Congratulations, I will do my part to get you to 2 million by December! :)

Pete said...

Er, you can thank me, Ann, for much of those numbers. I've been a regular visitor since the first of the year and I'm afraid my obsessive/compulsiveness keeps me coming back more times a day than is likely healthy. (Though my fear of commitment, or laziness, keeps me from putting you on my favorites; I come here through the link at Instapundit. And speaking of portals to elsewhere, I hate to admit it but I use you to get to Television Without Pity.)