May 8, 2005

Pedestal-leaping effrontery.

Everybody's jumping on that Adam Cohen piece, the one I blogged about here. I was just doing an update and noticing I said that anyone can blog but "there's no pedestal to jump right on top of and have an instant readership as there is when you're hired on by mainstream media."

But, you may say, what about The Huffington Post, that big, foaming mass o' celebrities blogging? Aren't those characters planning to leap right onto a pedestal?

Oh, yes. I'd forgotten. That starts tomorrow, doesn't it? Should we be passive-aggressive and link-withhold? Or aggressive-aggressive and beat them to a virtual pulp for their pedestal-leaping effrontery?


Moral Turpitude said...

I say passive-aggressive. I won't link unless I'm impressed. Let them struggle to employ more subtle methods of link-whoring, like the rest of us. (by posting comments on other blogs they frequent, for example.)

Ann Althouse said...

Cute drawing, Moral Turpitude. Hmmm.... I've already screwed up my own chance at top-notch passive-aggression by linking in this post. Maybe I should extract the link from my post.... But putting the link in must show I'm inclined toward aggressive aggression. I assume they'll get plenty of attention, so it will be important to supply the ridicule. Or will it be too easy? It was awfully easy beating up on Adam Cohen today. Almost not even that fun. Just a grim duty.

Charlie Martin said...

How about if we just make fun of them when they deserve it?

Which I'm sure will be regularly.

Uncle Jimbo said...

The affront committed was assuming that his guild, supposedly omsbudded, was inherently superior to one omsbudded informally.

He was wrong and I have seen many more corrections from bloggers than MSM. i.e. David Adesnick from OxBlog copping to reading too lightly today.

Show me your ethics before you demand mine.


Uncle J

Military Matters

henny said...

Sorry, I'm out of the loop. What in the world are these celebrities going to blog about? It better be Manolo shoes and the latest Revlon contracts as any political rants will leave me hurling.

Does anyone else hate Susan Surandon? Is this the kind of celebrity I can expect on the Huffington blog?

henny said...

Ah, I just noticed Maggie Gyllenhall will be a "writer", not quite Susan but she has potential.

docweasel said...

I expect that HUFFinstuff blahg will garner plenty scorn from the conservative side of the 'net and be a rich source of ridicule-able material. I'm sure you'll end up linking some of the idiocy to be found there yourself, Ms. A

Ann Althouse said...

Charles: Make fun of them when they deserve it? What is that, some sort of code of ethics?

Steven Taylor said...

Gee, Ann: have you forgotten your Cohen already? Bloggers ain't got no eithics.