May 25, 2005

The new "Idol."

And so, Carrie wins "American Idol." You probably think I'm upset about the outcome, if you've been reading my comments all season, but I'm not. Here are the reasons:

1. I've been so distracted with my Blogger problems today and so glad to finally have them fixed that I'm quite numb.

2. It's better for Constantine that Bo didn't win. I saw him celebrating in the end. He had to know there was more room for him in the pantheon with Bo merging back into the group of finalists.

3. Carrie is more the sort of person who fits the role that is now imposed on her. I think they'd have had more trouble presenting Bo creditably. Carrie will sing her songs and do well and be perfectly fine.

4. As they said at one point on the show tonight, Carrie is a great role model for the young fans. "Idol" music is rather sweet and oriented to the young, and having a pure, sweet girl to sing it is good for the kids. She can be herself and be the kind of person it's healthy for young people to bond with. Bo is older, rock is dirtier, and he's got a drug past. We'd all forgive him for that, but it's just better for the young fans to have the squeaky clean young girl to idolize.

Things I liked about tonight's show:

1. The parody of the Corey Clark exposé was quite well done.

2. The humiliation of Hasselhoff!

3. Skynyrd! Bo had his fun singing "Sweet Home Alabama" with them.

4. Nadia's dangerous white top. And everything else Nadia wore. Nice to see her again.

So the end has come for another season. Time to pack the show away for a good long time so we forget how sick we were just about to get of it. The day will come when we'll see the new season coming and, fools that we are, we'll be all ready for it again!


JB said...

Squeaky clean young hot girl to obsess over/idolize.


SteveR said...

I agree with your comments 100 percent. I don't think there's any irony in the fall and rise of your blog coinciding with Carrie's victory but I had to smile while considering it.

Glad to have you back where I can find you.

Ann Althouse said...

JB: I'll take your word for it. This hotness you speak of is imperceptible to me.

Stever: Thanks! It's great to be back. (And I always think nothing will go wrong again.)

Joan said...

I dunno, Ann. I think Fox ought to put you on retainer for your live-blogging commentary. I have never watched any more of the show than the snippets that my TiVO caught on the way into "24", but reading here makes me think that next season, I will tune in.

I'm glad today's problem was with Blogger and not with you. I was worried when your main blog didn't update today, and I didn't have time to do my usual blog sweep, so I didn't see the InstaPundit link until you were already back up!

Bill Millan said...

Carrie Underwood was my favorite from the start, so I am delighted she won "American Idol." I think she can have a great career as a country western singer if she wants it.

But that's the question. I just don't see the "drive" in her to sustain a long career.

Hey, its a great ending to a good season.

Larry said...

Ah, and Carrie won.

My wife and I really liked the last thirty minutes of the show. Great songs and singing. The other ninety minutes were not so good.

And of course, Carrie won! :)

dax said...

It was a great win for Carrie. Congrats!
So, now that it's over, who will be judging next year?

absentee said...

You've got it right as usual Ann. The wife and I like Bo more than Carrie, but agree she's a better Idol in the end.

I mean, Carrie's no Fantasia, but it's better for all of us and for Bo that he hit second.

Allison said...

I didn't really care by the end whether Carrie or Bo won. I lost interest about the time Nadia left.

Question: did the contestants all get to choose who to sing with? By which I mean, was it Anthony who was to blame for putting Kenny G on, or Anwar, or the producers? If it was up to the contestants, then I'm thinking it must have been Anthony, not Anwar, given that he has the musical taste of a 60-year-old woman.

Charlie (Colorado) said...

... and besides, those grapes were probably sour anyway.

CraigC said...

WHAT??? You're kidding, right, Ann? You don't think Ms. Underwood is hot? OK, whatever. I figured it wouldn't be worth watching the show, and now I'm pissed that Bo jammed with Skynyrd and I missed it. Damn.