May 28, 2005

My holiday weekend.

Blogging, Site Meter-checking, you can see that people go off and do things on holidays. For me, it's that period between semesters, and the holiday weekend merges with many other days, where I have work that I can either do or not do. Today is an especially lovely day. Maybe I'll treat it as a nonworking day. Maybe, on the other hand, the pile of exams will call out to me, and I can make my way through one question. Most likely, I'll do some combination: half downtime and grade one question on half of the exams.

I have two exams to grade. One class has 28 students and 4 questions. The other has 48 students and 3 questions. Ideally, I would grade one question per day and finish in seven days. More reasonably, I'd grade the smaller class in four days, and the larger class in six days. Soon enough, my summer Conlaw class begins. In fact, it begins on the day the Spring Semester grades are due, June 13th. You can see why, with a time line like that, I choose the days to regard as holidays. Maybe today.

What about just a day of devoted blogging? That's nearly always appealing, but I can see that far fewer people are reading when it's a weekend and a holiday. It's more of a day to go out, with my camera. Maybe drive into the countryside. I haven't had many pictures in a while, for some reason. No reason, really.


Mark Daniels said...

Busy weekend here, too...Daughter's bridal shower, visits with family and future family sandwiched in between, friend's surprise retirement party tomorrow (think: Mr. Holland's Opus...he's a music teacher at our high school), finish sermon for tomorrow, take a walk in the sunny, temperate outdoors.

But there's always time to check on what's on the Althouse site.

Have fun...and as always, keep on bloggin'!

Kev said...

You must have a considerably longer time to grade exams than we do at my school (perhaps that's peculiar to law school because of the exams' length?); all our grades are due by the end of the day on the Monday after exam week.