May 24, 2005

"My dreams came true/When I found you."

It's finale night on "American Idol," and, of course, that means they're going to inflict original songs lyrics like that on us.

The songs are only as bad as something entirely bland can be.
"You would know it would be clear
That angels brought me here"


The judges comments are correspondingly insipid:
"What you've been able to accomplish in these few months is a lifetime of achievement."

The banality, the complete absence of entertainment value...

I must say, I did not experience one moment of pleasure. There were
varying levels of pain and ugliness.
I want to be inside your heaven
Take me to the place you cry from

No, please, don't! I can cry right here in my own place.

Wasn't that the most lackluster "Idol" finale ever?


Conservative_D said...

Both Bo and Carrie were near awful, I was really disappointed in both of them. As for the judges, have Randy and Pauler (as Simon calls her) ever said anything worth listening to?

The song choices were boring and uninspiring (Bo should have chosen either "Money" or "I Don't Want to Be", Carrie should have reprised "Alone") The ‘original’ song was probably the worst thing I have heard ever.

What a giant let-down. I think it’s going to Carrie by default.

olivia1 said...

I didn't even vote and this is from someone who has loyally and fanatically pushed "redial" for two hours staight on occasion. Last night just didn't inspire me.