May 1, 2005

Moves they're probably onto.

Jeffrey Rosen previews the battle over the next Chief Justice. Will Bush elevate Thomas or Scalia to Chief Justice in the hope of distracting attention from the new addition to the Court? The Rehnquist-Scalia sleight of hand worked back in the 80s. Or are the Democrats onto that move?

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Anonymous said...

Since we're talking about replacing Rehnquist, no nominee is going to alter the balance of the court. So the question is, Who can Bush get away with, without a Democratic filibuster, assuming the filibuster is still in the mix.

The Democrats might not be too worried who is chosen, since the balance is not altered (Yeah, right).

I think, as Rosen says, the Dems would probably worry about the Associate Justice.

The article mentioned about a politician being chosen, but didn't speculate on who might be chosen from among politicians. Ashcroft, if he were better thought of would be logical after being AG. A governor? A senator? I can't think of any.