May 20, 2005

Is it wrong to laugh when people cry?

See if you don't laugh. (Click the photo to activate the clip.) I recommend Daniel. I love the details: the kitty cat and the big mouthful of buckwheat noodles.

(Via Metafilter.)

UPDATE: Link fixed. Sorry!


Gerry said...

Did you link to the right thing? I don't see any picture to click over at Glenn's.

The Librarian said...

This site is part of the Contagious Media Showdown competition: I see you're a Blogebrity.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Gerry. I hate when that happens. (You think you've copied the URL, but it's the previous URL you're pasting.)

Muckish: So then I'm helping somebody win money?

But I screwed up the link!

Well, that contest is too dull for me to spend time understanding.

As for Blogebrity -- I had noticed that. Not sure what it is. Not funny enough to be humor and not good looking enough to be real. Again, I'm not ready to invest the time in figuring it out.