May 14, 2005

A glamorous but slightly pervy rest stop on Route 90.

The Belvidere Oasis on Route 90 just north of Chicago is the most glamorous rest stop I've ever seen. It spans the highway, and you can get a Starbucks coffee and a Krispy Kreme doughnut and sit and watch the traffic stream underneath you:

The Belvidere Oasis on Route 90

They have two spiffy VW vans -- both with big Sponge Bob dolls in the front seats -- that each has four compartments filled with stuffed dolls to play that arcade game where you manipulate that gripper device to try to snag a prize before your time runs out:

The Belvidere Oasis on Route 90

Whoever loaded up the Flintstones compartment put the Betty Rubble dolls on top, face down, with their skirts pushed up so you could see their white underpants. And the one in front has a dirty fingerprint on the panties! (Click photo to enlarge.)

The Belvidere Oasis on Route 90

Oh, my!


Mark Kaplan said...

Are you going to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame?

leeontheroad said...

I prefer the shot with the Oscars (the grouches); but I'd have had to take the Betty Rubble doll shot, also-- on the "no one's going to believe this" principle.

vnjagvet said...

When on the way to Ithaca on Route 90, between Erie and Buffalo, you will find even more spanning rest stops. They were the "coolest" in the late 50's when built. I was a teenager when we trekked from Erie to NYC on the New York Thrueway back in those days, and remember them well. About five or six years ago, I made the trip from Toronto to Erie and stopped at one of those spanners. Wow. It gave the same vibes. The passage of over 40 years made no difference whatever in the experience.

Steve Donohue said...

Isn't it though! I was there about 10 months ago, and it was like being in some sort of alternate universe. I mean, oasises (oasi?) are supposed to be small and dank, but this had huge windows and everything, with like 10 different fast food places. It's almost a tourist destination itself- well, at least as far as rest stops go.

RheLynn said...

I just went through there -- we got stuck in the 'trucks only' part with 1/8 gas tank and no way to get back out... after 12 hours of almost straight-through driving (which is why we missed the split).

One-Way gas stations? Who thought that up?

No Turns, Do Not Enter? :o(

The station might have been cool in design - but its usability left us confused and a little angry. We had to go BACK through the toll road and loop around to get to Rockford (after going to the Wal-Mart for gas thanks to a tip from a nice pretzel-shop worker).