May 31, 2005

The difference between men and women -- at the spa level.

Here's an article about the business of spas: how do you get men to go?

Well, put some chunky, dark brown furniture in the waiting room. And describe the treatments in car-mechanic terms like "tune-up." Don't talk about pampering and caressing them. Talk about fixing them for practical purposes. And help them with the whole nude thing:
Televisions were installed in the locker rooms, to distract them from the awkwardness they feel in socializing when naked. Women, in contrast, were happy to read a magazine or chat in the nude.


TWM said...

We men always knew you gals sat around chatting in the nude. That and the bra and panty tickle fight images are what get's us through our mundane tune-up workouts.

CM said...

Can I go to the men's spa? I don't find the idea of a stranger caressing me particularly appealing, nor do I enjoy sitting around reading magazines with other nude women. I wonder if there's a whole segment of non-spa-going women like me they're missing.

mcg said...

That's interesting. At the health club I go to sometimes the men's locker room has a TV, which is always on either CNN, Fox News, CNBC, or ESPN, and it usually draws an audience of a few towel-clad watchers. The women's locker room, on the other hand, doesn't have one. And frankly I'm glad, because when I go with my wife, I have plenty of time to watch TV even if she is nothing but business :)

EddieP said...

My only experience in a co-ed spa came in Germany a few years ago. My German friend invited me to go to the sauna with him, after a night of bier trinken. I didn't know or expect that it was co-ed. Upon being assigned a locker, I walked to the aisle and next to my locker was a nude woman. I called to my friend that I must have made a mistake because there was a nude woman standing next to me. He answered back "Is she bothering you?" No, I replied, so what's the problem he said.

Actually I found the women (there were more women than men) to be much more relaxed than I was. However, it didn't take very long for the novelty to wear off and I got on with my sweat and cold swim.

amba said...

How to get men to go?

In Greenwich Village, for several years there has been a basement establishment (in the same entryway as a laundromat and nail salon) on Thompson Street called "Men Spa: Finger Pressure," staffed entirely by suspiciously glamorous-looking oriental women.

Now, there is another one on West 4th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues called "Why Not? Men's Spa." This one is in a new building rented by a broker who uses the rainbow symbol to signal gays.

I am curious about the legality of these establishments, which seem pretty brazenly upfront about being good old massage parlors. Or do I just have a dirty mind?