May 11, 2005

"Cool, creative stuff"?

Here is a "featured post" on The Huffington Post today:
The grave urgencies facing us do not simply lie in fighting terrorism abroad but also in ensuring that our children - all of our children - can grow strong, talented, and hopeful in this land that we love.

That garbled syntax, that graduation-speech glop, is a front page teaser that's supposed to get you to click for more. And there's Arianna, permanently parked in the upper left hand corner, chirping: "There is some cool, creative stuff showing up on The Blog."

I wonder what it would take for me to start feeling sorry for her.

UPDATE: Hey, this is pretty funny. I can't get a permalink for the post I want you to read but it's called "I Got Here Before That Bitch Winer." So just scroll down. MORE: Here's the link.


Dirty Harry said...

The Hot Little Number I Call Mrs. Harry thinks the Drudge guy who went to work for Huffington, is a plant. He's there to destroy her. End her. Humiliate her out of existence. If so, he's doing a wonderful job. It would also explain a lot.

Did Arianna even know The Drudge Report isn't a blog? Hiring a news website guy for a blog is like hiring a plumber to fix your car. Yeah, he's got a toolbelt, but...

Dave said...

I don't think there's ever a reason to feel for Huffington.

Just continue with the snide comments and you'll do fine!

Admin said... works just fine as a trackback.

David Manus said...

do we really want ALL our children to grow up talented? that will kind of dilute the talent pool or something

plus Ms. A's American Idol would go as many rounds as the NCAA basketball finals