May 20, 2005

Checking out the Madison bloggers.

Oscar's blogging from Poland:
The internet cafe is called "Cup of Pleasure," a sort of pseudo-Western sex themed cafe bar featuring cocktails named "Orgasm" and "Sex with Jennifer."

Nina's there too. Here's one of many posts. Go to her main blog and scroll to see all the pictures.

Jeremy was there
, but got back, and got recognized as a blogebrity in the Madison Paris airport.

Meanwhile, Tonya hasn't left town, but she has gone to the movies. Within a short space of time she got bamboozled into seeing the "Star Wars" movie and on her own volition attended "Monster-in-Law," after which she mused about how much I would require in cash to see that movie.

I like this new meme, by the way. When you see a bad movie, feel free to speculate about what price I would demand to see it. Actually, I'd charge less for a crappy comedy than for a long, draggy, CGI-ridden epic. On the other hand, a crappy comedy is not a rich source of blogging material, so I'd need to compensate for that. I'm setting the price for "Monster-In-Law" at $275.


Tim said...

It looks like Jeremy Freese was recognized in the Paris airport, instead of the Madison one; it makes it even more impressive, I think.

PatCA said...

I think you should demand $450 for Sin City. It is interesting visually (for the first hour or so)and thus would not rise to the $500 level, but then the droning voiceovers put one into a semiconscious state, like a very long Powerpoint presentation.

Rupe said...

This would make a good fundraiser--someone tell NRO!