May 25, 2005

Blogger woes.

Things are looking nearly hopeless with Blogger and me...

UPDATE: I haven't been able to get my posts to show since yesterday evening, and I've been trying to get in touch with an actual person at Blogger to help me, but it seems I only get automatic replies. I'm hoping for some kind of breakthrough. Just now something seemed to get a little better.

ANOTHER UPDATE: But it turned out to be a false hope.

YET MORE: I'm removing some posts and reconstructing them in a last ditch effort to push through some kind of repair.

FINALLY: It took something from Blogger support to fix it. I never found some maneuver on my own.


Link said...

i have had some really annoying problems with blogger recently as well.

i might jump ship. but where to?

Dave said...

One word: Typepad.

$150/yr or so but it becomes a (very) marginal cost if you put up at least a post every day.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

One word: Wordpress. I'm still on Blogger and didn't have significant problems in the last couple of days, but I do find it's sometimes hard to get onto Blogger blogs, including my own, at about 5pm -- presumably a period of high traffic volume.

Typepad users I know are generally happy with it, but I've had several experiences of its being very slow to allow me to comment. And Wordpress is free.

10ksnooker said...

I have had the exact same problem, intermittantly. They eventually fix it for afew days and then it's back. It's been a week now and it still works, but I am transistioning to wordpress on my own box through a DynDNS conection RSN.

Patrick said...

Blogger has been acting up for a lot of folks the past few days. Seems like this happens every few weeks now where a group of blogs will go out.

If you are looking at other options, I am at OnSmart and they have several blog scripts that install with just a click. Personally I use WordPress, but there are several others.

Also, I remember a while back you were looking into PodCasting but were surprised by the file size of the audio, with OnSmart you get a full Gigabyte of space and a generous 50Gig of bandwidth, so you can host everything your self.

Geeze, it sounds like I work at OnSmart, I don't, but I am a fan.

Kathleen B. said...

2 cents: Wil Wheaton recommeds logjamming
they looked pretty cool to me actually. I would think of going there if I every get serious about a blog.

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