May 11, 2005

Best new packaging idea.

If only the latte inside weren't "overly sweet [with] a distinct chemical aftertaste." And it's way too heavy, which sort of defeats the purpose of a self-heating container. Still, I could imaging having a bunch of these in the car when going off on a long trip. The worst part for me is that it's a can, and I actually never drink from a can.


docweasel said...

I drink a large amount of canned Diet Coke- its my only vice, I don't drink alcohol, never have smoked, gave up recreational drugs in my early 20's, don't eat junkfood or salty snacks. But I do enjoy that freshly cracked Coke as much as a smoker enjoys her first drag in the morning.

Any other ex-pot smokers remember the bliss of the first one-hit in the morning after you woke up? Best high of the day. Pot just makes me stupid and dull-witted now, I can't handle it anymore

Bruce Hayden said...

I have a love/hate with most diet drinks. The love is that I love the way they taste, and, really the little buzz I get. The hate is related - much of the buzz I think comes from my intolerance of Nutrisweet.

Diet RC, and I think now Pepsi One, use an alternate sweetner that I am much more tolerant of. But I only started getting Diet RC a couple of weeks ago in CO, and haven't tried Pepsi One. They don't give the same buzz, but do get me wired.

I, unlike Ann, don't really mind cans, and indeed, am on my 3rd Diet RC of the day right now.

I never really got the latte thing. To me, coffee is coffee. It is a drug, just like any other stimulant, only legal - which is nice. Gave it up 20 years ago, indeed, gave up caffeine for 10 of that. Never had an interest in going back to it.

Baron Violent said...

It looks like one of those "Soup at Hand" things. I've tried those before, and they're a little bit easier to deal with than soda cans (which I also tend to avoid), so they might not be as bad as your think.

the goddess said...

Even better packaging: Water Blessing Labels. Pure packaging, no substance whatsoever, to put on your own water bottles, and turn them into "liquid prayer." You could use the labels as Latte Blessing Labels if you wanted.