May 5, 2005

Because life is a multiple-choice question.

Clickers in the classroom.


SecretBarista said...

Fascinating. An interesting concept, I wonder how much longer it will be before these clickers have unique tags. Just think of quizzes by clicker. Fast, on the fly, and immediate results!

jeff said...

Instant feedback, from more than just the chatty students like me.

I know teachers who would kill for that.

And yeah - how hard would it be to assign each student a unique ID # to program into the clicker? Combine it with a unique MAC address (techies know what I mean) and you could take tests - or attendance - that way.

John Thacker said...

Been doing this at Cornell in some of the calculus classes. It is better than the all-too-often situation where you can't get students to volunteer answers.

And some questions in math are naturally multiple choice.

Joseph White said...

Actually, the clickers we use in my physics classes at the University of Washington do have unique tags. The professor uses the responses to determine attendance.

Unknown said...

Now all we need is some way to implement "phone a friend" and the transition from classroom to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" is complete.

Just kidding, of course, this is cool.

Unknown said...

I wonder if these could be modified to work like the feeling thermometer dials that focus groups use while watching debates? But instead of feeling warmly toward Bush when he talks about social security, the students could record their real-time levels of confusion/comprehension. I think I'd like to teach in an environment like that - a little monitor on my lectern with a red-zone or a buzzer that tells me when I need to slow down or clarify.