May 15, 2005

Beautiful Cleveland.

After yesterday's Cleveland picture -- the view from my hotel room -- I feel I owe the city this:

A war monument and a gleaming skyscraper.

A crisply angled skyline:

A sculpture in the park, to cheer up office workers:

And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:


Rick Lee said...

Does it say anything on the business end of that rubber stamp?

David Manus said...

I was raised in New Philly, about 50 miles S of Canton (the NFLHOF!) and 100 miles approx SE of Cleveland.


Michael said...

The rubber stamp says "Free."

in_the_middle said...

the first picture is more accurate of most of the city.

dick said...

But the city also has a beautiful chain of 22 parks designed by Frederick Olmstead of Central Park fame that run in an "emerald chain" through the city. Cleveland also has some of the most beautiful suburbs in the country as well as some fine architecture. The industrial parts close to the downtown are exactly what industrial parts always are, but the rest is quite a good looking city. And I don't even live near there any more.