April 2, 2005

What kind of man drives a Prius?

I don't really know, but let me just add a data point, in case you're working on the concept. I just saw a man driving a Prius and shaving at the same time. I'm disturbed to see people driving and talking on a cell phone -- I saw a man driving a full size bus while talking on a cell phone last week -- but driving and shaving is not just dangerous, it's disgusting. Depilate in private, people! And, yes, yes, it was an electric shaver. An electric car and an electric shaver. When I see a guy driving a nonelectric car and razoring off a faceful of shaving cream, I'll let you know.

1 comment:

Norak said...

Are you sure the shaver wasn't a hybrid, i.e. powered by both electricity and gasoline?