April 29, 2005

What happened to "The Apprentice"?

After watching all of the first two seasons of "The Apprentice," I abandoned this season somewhere in the middle, though I did occasionally watch a scene I'd heard was especially good. Last night, I watched the whole show. At this point, they were down to the last four contestants, all of whom seemed haplessly bad for any number of reasons. Two of them, stuck working together, could barely hide their contempt for each other. Of the other two, one was entirely lame and the other had insanely bad judgment -- she just had to go to Staten Island in search of a BeDazzler when the task was to sell a limited edition of artist-designed T-shirts. Maybe it makes for a better reality show to have a bunch of bumbling incompetents. Trump keeps saying these people beat out a million applicants, but he never really admits what characteristics he was looking for.


CM said...

I think last night's show probably looked better if you saw it in the context of the rest of the season. All four have performed and led well in other tasks.

The two who were at each other's throats have a major personality conflict -- they get along with everyone else, but they can't seem to talk to each other without getting upset. It happens sometimes, and I don't think it reflects that badly on them because they did manage to work together and get the task done.

As for the other two -- the one with bad judgment is usually one of the strongest contestants. But her business is cosmetics and fashion, and I think she was blinded by wanting to make a fashionable product instead of developing a marketing strategy. I agree with you about the other guy on her team, though.

Alan Kellogg said...

Ann, check out Mad Magazine (#453) for May 2005. Has a list of reason why Donald Trump should be fired.

Example: For being the only human in the history of planet Earth to own a casino that LOST MONEY ... Donald Trump, YOU'RE FIRED!

jennifer said...

I didn't even know they still made the Bedazzler, and I've always wondered why anyone would want one.


Tana did blow it last night, but really that is the only time I recall her completely mishandling a task. I would have fired Alex last week. It has to come down to Tana and Kendra, because the coattails are about to run out for Craig.

I'm rooting for Tana, but my gut just screams Kendra.

Not the best season, certainly, but I agree that last night was not indicative of the entire competition.

Susan said...

Kendra is without a doubt the most creative of the contenders. I kept thinking why does Craig try to oppose her on creative decisions? Her car brochure design a few episodes ago was brilliant. But is this what Trump is looking for? Is he hiring an advertising manager? An art director? A creative director? But her marketing skills in this last episode were also spot on.

To me Tana is the one who has consistently been the star performer but really blew it this last time.

Craig? There is no justice if he's not eliminated next, leaving the two ladies to duke it out in the finale.

N.Z. Bear said...

My wife and I are both ex-big-five consultants, and are baffled by the utter business incompetence of Apprentice contestants in the past two seasons. First season, by the final four, you were left with a group of candidates who all had some redeeming qualities and were credible examples of intelligent professionals.

This season, the final four are just idiots. Tana was the best of the bunch, until last night, when her inner Bedazzler drove her right off the cliff...

Ryan M Scott said...

I was thinking the same thing after this episode, who's it going to be and why? The contract to work in the Trump company is only for 1 year though, so if the winner turns out to be weak, then they won't make it past the one year.

Ann Althouse said...

Ryan: I assume the winner's real job is to be a spokesmodel for the show, that everyone who competes on the show understands this, and that agreements are signed recognizing this to be the case, agreeing not to sue, and promising secrecy.

BTW: I've read spoilers and know who the final two are.