April 6, 2005

"Welcome to the show that will end another dream."

So says Ryan Seacrest, introducing the results show of "American Idol." He says it almost gleefully, and I don't really mind, because if there is one word I've come to loathe, watching this show, it's "dream." Climb every mountain, 'til you find your dream. The more dreams ended, the better, I feel, within this hothouse environment of "American Idol."

I'm just going to ignore that whole Fantasia segment. Strenuous. False. Horrible. She advises the contestants to "get ugly." Last night, in my comments, I see that I kept using the word "ugly." I'm all at odds with this. I don't like ugliness. Call me crazy!

I'm going to ignore that Ford commercial too.

Okay. The results. In a deviation from the norm, the first two to hear the results are put in the bottom three. I'm not surprised that Nikko is one. But Vonzell! Oh, no! I didn't like her performance, shrieking "People." Nevertheless, she's far from the worst. (Of course, they are all bad!) And Scott too is put in the bottom three. They've NEVER done bottom three like that! Weird. Vonzell, in the middle, reaches out to both men's hands. Only Scott takes her hand! Nikko!

Vonzell is told she's safe. After the break, Nikko and Scott are given an opportunity to philosophize and Scott rambles on so long I wonder if Ryan would ever stop him. There's talk of God's will and how no one is perfect and all sorts of things. The result is announced: It's Nikko who's leaving. He's the only one in the bottom three that I predicted would be in the bottom three, so I have to say I agree, and America got it right.

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