April 16, 2005

Tori Amos, singing "Yes, Anastasia," Joni Mitchell, and an improv about where you happen to be sitting.

How was that Tori Amos concert in Chicago last night? I asked Chris, who had seen the singer five times before. He was pleased to have finally heard her do "Yes, Anastasia," which he ranks as his third favorite Tori song. The only better songs: "Sugar" and "Winter."

Here's a set list (and a little review) from a fan site.

I see Tori did the Joni Mitchell song "The Circle Game." I haven't thought about that song for many years -- years during which, apparently, I've been captive on the carousel of time.

Chris was sitting in the first row of the second balcony (at the Auditorium Theater), which was really high, so high Tori noticed his predicament and made up a little improv song about it. It had the line "I like a red dress, but not tonight": that was the image of a woman bloodied from a fall off that balcony. For people already feeling vertiginous up there, it was fun to have Tori make up a song about their fear, even a song that magnified it.

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