April 6, 2005

Too many photos on this blog?

With Flickr and springtime, I've been posting a lot of photos. Yesterday, I counted 32 photos on the front page of this blog. So I'm concerned about causing problems for dial-up users, but not concerned enough not to photoblog. Photos are a big part of my concept of the blog. I get a lot of email from people who like seeing photos on the blog -- especially from UW alumni and others who like a way to look back to a time when they too lived in Madison.

One reader mentioned this software, which lets you turn off the photos. I can't personally vouch for it, but it might be a good solution. If you want to see the Flickr photos separately from the blog, they are here. And here's the assortment by tags -- I love the way the tags are graphically depicted in Flickr, with variable sizes representing the number of photos. My biggest tag, you won't be surprised to hear, is "University of Wisconsin."

UPDATE: A reader writes: "Both Internet Explorer and Netscape have functions in preferences/options that allow a user to disabled pictures on websites." I obviously didn't know that. That's way easier. So I guess I'll stop fretting about burdening dial-in people. I'd really only gotten one or two complaints, but it was weighing on my mind, especially this week, as I went Flickr mad and spring brought out all the photogenic local folkways.

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