April 17, 2005

This new comments trend.

Noting the addition of comments to this blog and over at Volokh Conspiracy, Stephen Bainbridge is considering adding comments (and is taking a vote). Who started the trend? At least for me, it was Judge Posner.

Check out the comments page from my posts of the last two or three days, some of which have over thirty comments -- nearly all of which are well written, thoughtful, on point, and not abusive. There's some real discussion and debate in there, and I put my own comments in from time to time.

UPDATE: Shortly after writing this, I got my first dose of spam comment: just a list of links to what are apparently porn sites. Well, if it's just one, I can easily delete it right? Wrong! I know it's somewhere in the comments because Blogger emails me each comment. I can read the comment, but I can't tell which post it goes with. I'd have to spend a lot of time looking for it! If you run across one of these things, email me and tell me which post it's on, so I can delete it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: An emailer pointed out that the email from Blogger has a link that takes you right to the post. I hadn't noticed that! Well, that makes this much less of a problem!

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PatCA said...

Maybe it's a good idea to turn off comments until you get established with regular readers. I turned mine off because all I've gotten is a couple of weird/scary comments.