April 8, 2005

Spring! Friday! Madison!

A campus classic: the outdoor seminar:

April Friday.

I really don't know how they can concentrate or even hear, but they look quite lovely:

April Friday.

Lots of yummy hot dishes, sushi, smoothies, and fresh-squeezed juice at the food carts:

April Friday.

And the traditional Madison fruit stand is still here, right outside the University Bookstore, where you remember it:

April Friday.

There's lots of sun, so don't forget to expose lots of skin -- scalp included. Keep a patch of hair on top and dye it green. It will look like you're wearing a turf hat!

April Friday.


joated said...

A day like this you would think there would be groups of folks tossing Frisbees around.

They still do that don't they? (BS, Rutgers CAES '71)

Mike said...

Oh, I hate outdoor classes. You can't hear, its uncomfortable to kneel for 90 minutes, and is frequently too hot.

Edward said...

Seems a shame to take pics with quality hi-res cameras than post them as 320px postage stamps.

Check out the Picasa/Hello/Google/Blogger solution, it'll let you keep the images small on the main page, but a click will take you to a larger file size of your choice.

Anyway, nice pics. I've been photoblogging from London lately, on holiday from my hometown Chicago. http://globalcop.us

Ann Althouse said...

Joated: there were guys with Frisbees, but I didn't like the way my pictures came out.

Mike: I agree!

Edward: I've got larger versions on Flickr. Just need to post them so they click through. Picasa was never Mac-friendly, but Flickr is great.


'Twas a wonderful day in Madison on Friday. I ate my first ever plum at the famed State Street fruit stand. Very tasty! We also ate lunch on the Terrace and one couldn't ask for a more picture-perfect day. Madison is always a beautiful city, but spring may be its best time of year.