April 22, 2005

The sniffing dog.

I spent the early afternoon in the faculty library, participating in a workshop on a paper on democratic theory, written by one of my colleagues. Midway through the workshop, we were politely interrupted by security people who told us they needed to bring through the sniffing dog. We kept our discussion going while the big, leashed German shepherd loudly huffed around the periphery of the room.

What's the security occasion? Russ Feingold is giving a lecture today at 4. I'll attend and take notes (and maybe photos) and will probably come up with something bloggable.


Steven A. Stehling said...

I wish I’d know about Feingold speaking earlier. I would love the chance to question him about the end results of his only claim to fame, the Campaign Finance Reform Bill. I have a hard time accepting his “Champion of Civil Liberties” image when his bill allows you to spy which candidates your neighbors contribute to.

Too Many Jims said...

There are many fine reasons to oppose McCain-Feingold but one could "spy which candidates your neighbors contribute to" long before that became law (Unless I am missing your point which is, admittedly, quite possible.) It seems to me that such an ability to spy is part and parcel of "transparency" which few people oppose.

HaloJonesFan said...

A German Shepherd is not "the sniffing dog". It is DAS SCHNIFFENHUND