April 22, 2005

The Earth Day march.

I heard the drumbeat of a student protest march, so I grabbed my camera and stood on my office sofa to catch these shots of an Earth Day march:

Earth Day March.

Earth Day March.

Note the position of the first bicycle, which appears in both photos, to gauge the size of the march.

The chant was: "Hey hey, ho ho, burning coal has got to go."


twwren said...


Why did you need to stand on your sofa to take the picure?

Never mind.

mcg said...

But burned coal leaves such a nice black patina on everything.

Mark said...

They should be protesting Senator Byrd's office if they are against Coal.

How many had signs calling for more clean Nuclear power?

Pancho said...

Looks about the same size as the marches against MyPyramid®.

PS: I'm against burning coal too! [Disclaimer: I'm in the natural gas business]

Kirk Parker said...


Please join my March Against Lame Protests! I assure you, it will be bigger than this one!


Do I detect some condescension on your part here between the lines, or is that just eisegesis on my part?

Ann Althouse said...

kparker: Condescension? Well, I was literally looking down on them -- from my window. I suppose I think the question is more complex than the "hey hey" chant admits. And the tininess of the group was kind of sad-funny. If you're going ot have a march, it should be sizeable enough not to inspire pity. Mostly, it's just another day in Madison, another drumbeating, chanting bunch of marchers heading from Bascom Hill down to the Capitol. I've been watching the hill from my window for more than twenty years.

Steven A. Stehling said...

Ann, have you ever been looking out your window at the latest protest theme of the day and thought to yourself, “I’ve seen this in a movie”?

I just can’t help but laugh at the constant protests. It’s just like in the movie PCU, but without the happy ending where everyone protests against protests.