April 1, 2005


Here's a bullentin board at the law school with lots of signs:

signs in the law school

I know which one you're looking at. But look at this one:

signs in the law school

Personally, I have no interest in filling out one of these forms. But if you want to, come by the law school atrium all next week and the Elder Law clinic people will help you free of charge. It's open to anyone who wants to come by -- not just university folks.

If you are a UW student, you might be interested in this protest:

signs in the law school

Or perhaps you find this more appealing:

signs in the law school

Maybe just some comfy seating would be enough:

leather couches sign

UPDATE: An emailer aptly suggests that those tuition protesters who are calling for a "mass demostation" ought to ask for their money back.

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