April 29, 2005

Pretty/ugly street.

Such a pretty street. Look how the cherry blossoms lean out next to the old brick building, as a solitary woman makes a private call:

Cherry blossoms

There's even a charming local cooperative bookstore on this street. Or maybe not so charming. Here's what its side wall looks like:

A closer look:

(Click on the image for an even closer, much more detailed shot. The image, which I find offensive, is actually very well drawn.)


Lord Osmo Blatherard said...

That poster is the work of Robbie Conal, an LA artist who's been making this kind of stuff for quite a while. Check out the posters section, and you can see his takes on Ed Meese, Ronald Reagan and some more blasts from the past.

A zoomable version of the poster can be found here, which also includes some text not visible in your photo.

Shane said...

What do you find offensive about it?

Ann Althouse said...

Paul: Thanks for the info. The drawing style reminds me of Mad Magazine illustrations in the Basil Wolverton tradition.

Ann Althouse said...

Shane: There is an obvious double entendre on the phrase "Black Hawk Down," which is painted across her face. Generally, I appreciate harsh caricatures of powerful people. But I don't think writing the word "Black" on the image of a black person's face is at all acceptable, and the word "down" in this context connotes death.

The link Paul put up no longer takes me to the Rice image, so I can't check, but I believe the original poster didn't have that writing.

Also: Conal's drawing reminds me of the work of Drew & Josh Friedman.

Paul said...

I thought Friedmans immediately, though it would be a departure from ironic portrayals of fringe celebs and lounge culture.

I'm going to dig out my copy of Warts and All (an aptly named tome!).

Game Show Hosts Walk Among Us!

HappyClam said...

That image is very unpleasant.

It is also probably racist and a copyright violation.