April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict!

A 78-year-old Pope will replace John Paul, or should I say, to repeat what I just heard repeated over and over on TV during the post-white-smoke, pre-announcement period, will never be able to replace John Paul.

UPDATE: I was watching NBC, and I must say, they were pathetically unprepared to fill the time which they knew they were going to have to fill. They really did just keep saying one thing over and over: John Paul is a tough act to follow, the new Pope must know that he will not be able to take the place of John Paul, John Paul has made it very difficult for this next Pope to find a way to begin to fill his shoes, those are very big shoes to fill, and this new Pope is going to have quite a difficult time in this, his effort to fill those unusually large shoes that John Paul II has left us with here today, shoes indeed of the very great, very large-shoe-wearing, now deceased, Pope John Paul II.


Gerry said...

Queue up the Spike Lee / Air Jordan commercial.

"It's gotta be the shoes."

price said...

I hope that this new Pope won't appear intoxicated in public very often. I also hope he'll be wise with money and will do the dishes without complaining. I hope he'll refrain from telling the same jokes over and over. And you know what else I hope for? A popsicle.

Dean said...

Seeing this kind of stuff again and again is why I took up blogging. If I was as pretty as some of these airheads, I could do a better job than some of these clowns on TV. :)