April 24, 2005

Oh, do I have to go out?

I'm getting a lot of things done sitting right here at the dining table today: blogging, newspaper reading, pulling my notes together for the last week of classes.

Sunday table

The view from here is kinda spectacular, by my standards.

Sunday table

I see lots of people running and walking by. I should do that too. But isn't it chilly? Still, it's so sunny. No, I've got some things I've just got to read right now. Don't worry, though. I'll be going out to dinner in an hour or so, and we'll be having lots of laughs and eating cheeseburgers.


Alan Kellogg said...

I stay inside because I'm depressed. What's your excuse?

Ann Althouse said...

Cheer up, Alan! I stay inside because I get absorbed doing something, and the hours melt away.

Pancho said...

Procrastination is a finely crafted art.

tompaq said...

Those are beautiful eastern redbud trees in bloom (forground).

Alan Kellogg said...

You're in a rut, girl. Get off that middle-aged tush and get outside.

Hell, go mow the lawn. It'll give you exercise and you'll come up with enough blog topics to keep you busy for a week.

(Ladies, if you're serious about gender equality, you get to take out the garbage on occasion.)