April 20, 2005

Madison: a land of contrasts.

Little Green Footballs linked to my post about the "theologist" who came to UW to propound a 9/11 conspiracy theory and got a standing ovation from an audience of 400. They've got tons of comments over there, including some swipes at UW and Madison more generally. For some positive UW news: an advance in treating Lou Gehrig's disease.


Mark Kaplan said...

Jonathan Eig, the author of "Luckiest Man" was in Minneapolis speaking last week. His book is a new biography of Lou Gehrig which concentrates on the 2 years that he lived after the famous speech. Eig draws heavily from newly available letters from Mr. Gehrig to his doctor at the Mayo Clinic.

Edward Rynearson said...

I have read both "The New Pearl Harbor" and "9/11 Commission, Omissions and Distortions" and find Mr. Griffin's arguments quite convincing. The official story is comical.

Jane Bellwether/Tamara R Bower said...

It's a day for good news. I found this, and blogged about it today. Considering how prevalent diabetes is in America, it is heartening.