April 13, 2005

If you glue it down, it's not litter?

UCLA needs to discover chalk.


price said...

i go to UCLA and flyers on the ground are old news... after ten minutes they are too filthy to read, but they do leave semi-permanent marks on the cement. as for chalking, it pretty much is illegal on any surface except ground concrete, and almost everything gets hosed off overnight. these kinds of 'walk outs' are staged routinely, and i predict between 7 and 12 people will attend this one, and between 2 and 3 articles about it will be featured in the Daily Bruin.

Ann Althouse said...

Price (nice icon!): They ought to make chalk legal as has been done here. I find chalk quite beautiful in its transitoriness. I appreciate you jadedness about protests!

price said...

every now and again an actual artist gets ahold of some chalk, and it's downright tragic when the message is gone the next day. tonight i have a class, maybe i'll stop by the sculpture garden and help the cause of UCLA workers by scraping up a few flyers with my shoe. (thank you for the compliment, i should re-draw the picture so that i'm blushing)