April 11, 2005

The ecosystem awry?

Things haven't been updating normally over in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem lately, but there's a reason. N.Z. Bear took some time off to get married. So best wishes to him and Mrs. Bear.

UPDATE: It may not just be Bear's temporary distraction. Poliblog speculates that the ecosystem is actually slowly dying, overburdened by profligate blogging.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Bear stops by the comments to this post. Look inside. And I do a separate post about it here.


Gerry said...

Would that make Bear's wife's nickname be Truth?

Elayne said...

It's also possible that the Ecosystem has outlived its usefulness now that so many people are reading blogs via RSS feeds. The Ecosystem records blog "popularity" solely by Site Meter numbers.

Ann Althouse said...

Gerry: good one.

Elayne: A lot of bloggers are pretty obsessed with Site Meter numbers, so it's weird that these numbers don't count everything.

Jack said...

The ecosystem also counts links, and I made the mistake long ago of registering my blog using a subdomain rather than the URL that the archive links get.

So... even though my hits have been going up, the links are staying low because they are not being caught, even links I know exist.

I doubt the ecosystem can last much longer as a hobby project of NZ Bear.


Gerry said...


Thanks. But now I have stuck in my head a picture of Jack Nicholson yelling "You can't handle the truth".

I had never really thought about the impact of RSS on SiteMeter. I just changed my RSS feed to see if I can manage to get SiteMeter to work with my RSS feed.

N.Z. Bear said...


Many thanks for the best wishes.

As for the Ecosystem, nah, it’s not dying. I just got hit with some big life activities right at the time where I was trying to get some major improvements done on the Ecosystem (try getting married and completing massive home improvements all in the same month sometime… nobody ever said I was all that bright).

All the Ecosystem needs to return to robust health is my devoted attention again, which it will have in about a week or so. Stay tuned, and do not despair…


Ann Althouse said...

N.Z. Bear: Thanks for stopping in. I'm really glad to hear it. I'm doing a separate, new front-page post to call attention to this.