April 4, 2005

Deadlines, etc.

So I did meet that deadline I wrote about (instead of working on meeting) yesterday. After taking the early evening off for a very nice dinner party, I found my mind to be a useless joke at about 11 p.m., and gave up on the project I meant to finish. I was up at 4, with time enough to wrestle it to the ground. The email attachment is sent (within the deadline), and I've flipped through the NYT and derived only one post to get this blog going in this new work week. The 11 a.m. hour approaches, and I've got to read through Printz v. United States one more time. I need to think about background checks for gun buyers and commandeering local law enforcement officers right now. So I'm closing the laptop for the next three hours. It's a beautiful, sunny, warm day here in Madison. When class is over, I plan to do my warm weather walk up State Street, camera in hand. I hope to bring you some traditional Madison-blogging in the early afternoon.

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