April 9, 2005

Camilla and Charles.

I see from my referral records that someone just visited here after Googling "camilla parker bowles 'horse face.'" Look, this post of mine comes up fourth for that search. I guess that means Camilla's face is not made fun of as much as I'd thought.

Turning on the TV yesterday morning meant sudden immersion in a funeral. Today, it plunges us into a wedding.

Poor Charles, spending a lifetime dedicated to one woman, yet doomed to look for that whole life like the biggest cheater in the world. The Prince of Paradox. So, a shred of pity for the man. Now, get off my TV.

I did enjoy all the ladies' hats. There was something cool to photograph, and the cable news channels homed in on it nicely.

1 comment:

Ghost said...

Sounds like the making of a movie sequel for Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant - Pope's Funeral and a Wedding.