April 21, 2005

But it's a rainbow-striped tomb!

You know what bugs me the most about the government's newly revised "food pyramid"? It's that it's called "MyPyramid." MyPyramid!

First, unless you want me to pronounce it mip-ee-RA-mid, put the damn space in. It's not cute to take out the space. It's just irritating.

But second, what's with the "my"? This is your recommendation for everyone. Am I supposed to think you think I'm special? Is this, like the removal of the space, supposed to be cute? Like "My Little Pony," my little advice from the government?

Could you please stop wasting my little tax contribution telling me what to eat, especially coming up with ideas like having a tomb as a symbol of health?

UPDATE: Stephen Bainbridge has more.


Meade said...

Ooh how I do love a good food rant! Know what stuck in MyCraw like tall dry glass of whole wheat? When I clicked through to get to My (Very Own) Pyramid Plan, not only had they taken the cute out by adding the space back in, but there was no freaking Ben and Jerry's! For this I obey the tax laws?

Smilin' Jack said...

The width of each band is supposed to suggest the relative amount to eat from that food group...The new design doesn't include food pictures, instead letting the color suggest the food group. The colored bands, from left to right, are orange for grains, green for vegetables, red for fruits, yellow for oils, blue for dairy products and purple for meats and beans.

Hey...I'm color-blind! How will I know what to eat? I'll starve! And a lot more men than women are color-blind...it's discrimination! Who do I sue?!

Pancho said...

MyPyramid® falls under the same "cutsie" philosophy that was followed by the brainiacs at Microsoft© when they started inserting file folders in PC's. My Documents, My Photos, My Digital Camera, My Pain-in-the-Ass.

Of course, their Mine, they're on My Computer.

Gerry said...


This may be a cheesy stunt, but it is my cheesy stunt.

Or is that MyCheesyStunt?

VietPundit said...

"First, unless you want me to pronounce it mip-ee-RA-mid, put the damn space in. It's not cute to take out the space. It's just irritating."

I had to chuckle when I read that. We computer programmers write like that all the time (when we name variables and procedures, and aProcedureNameIsSometimesReallyReallyLong), so "MyPyramid" looked totally natural to me. Funny how the brain works, heh?

Freeman Hunt said...

I had the same reaction as vietpundit--I've been making file names like that all day long.

Three glasses of milk everyday seems a bit much. I wonder if someone lobbied for that.