April 13, 2005

But isn't that one slot higher in the U.S. News ranking a source of infinite pleasure?

Anonymous Law Student has a sort of humorous comparison of Columbia and NYU law schools. Another "Anonymous" blog? So does that mean he's not a law student -- the way Anonymous Lawyer and Anonymous Law Professor weren't what they said? It's not as though there is a shortage of blogging the inside view of being a law student. I haven't read enough of this blog to know, but judging from this post, he's a Columbia law student.

How many people get into both Columbia and NYU and feel they must go to Columbia because it's one tick higher in the U.S. News ranking, and then the whole time they are there they have this sense that life is so much better down there in Greenwich Village? Don't pretend you took anything more than that into account! List a lot of diverse factors to assuage your pain, but in the end, you know what you did. You let U.S. News trump all the detailed preferences that are individual to you. And yet you probably still think it's wrong for admissions committees to rely so much on the single-factor of the LSAT.

Do take into account that I went to NYU and my experience with it and the Columbia/NYU comparison are decades old. But I'm right, aren't I?


CM said...

Are you? Judging from my own experience and the stories I've heard from other 1Ls-to-be, it seems like most people are choosing between Columbia and NYU based on the school visits, neighborhoods, and cost of attendance.

Matt said...

Interestingly, when I applied, NYU accepted me while Columbia waitlisted me. That was the one recent year where NYU was ahead of Columbia on the list. I opted for NYU over UVA and Texas.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

In our day, the self-selection process on the part of students who'd been admitted to both schools resulted in a more corporate-oriented, conformist student body at Columbia and a more interesting, individualistic one at NYU. I have no idea whether that still holds. chickenmagazine's comment suggests it may have evened out.