April 11, 2005


Do you see them? (Click to enlarge.)


There are some jobs you can tell are great fun for the people who do them, even though you wouldn't want to do it yourself. Maybe my job, law professor, is like that for you. For me, it's what these arborists do: climb four stories high in an ancient oak tree and drag along a chain saw to hack off dead branches, which they let crash to the ground.


Here's the photoset.

UPDATE: That's the tree in my backyard, and the arborists were working for me today. I asked one whether he gets scared. He said no and added: "It's the greatest job in the world!"

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Old Patriot said...

I still think the best job in the world is imagery analysis. It's what I chose as my Air Force career, and what I enjoyed doing the most. I like teaching, I like working with computers, and I enjoy a dozen or more hobbies, but searching an area for something on imagery is still the best thing I've ever done. There's also the old saying that if you enjoy your job, it's the "best" job: if you don't enjoy what you're doing, it's the worst job in the world.