March 4, 2005

WiFi transgressions.

The other day I wrote about the perceived problem of students using WiFi in the classroom, and here I am using WiFi at a faculty meeting. I'm sure some of my colleagues would find it wrong. I should be paying attention! But let me tell you: this is helping me pay attention.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers, and I hope you clickers-over are not disappointed to find no juicy inside view of a law school faculty meeting. Our meetings are quite tame. They are rare, but when they do occur, they tend to go long. I think nearly everyone brings something to read, so is it daring to bring one's laptop to read? Actually, I "dared" to go on line from a faculty meeting and blog back in May. Funny to go back and read that one. I was getting wireless in one corner of the room and another faculty blogger was mouthing "are you on line?" -- he wasn't -- and then moved his seat to try to pick up the connection I was getting.

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