March 28, 2005

Waiting for grilled cheese.

Marigold Café
Originally uploaded by Ann Althouse.
So here I am at the Marigold Café, with my casebook open to the habeas corpus chapter. My number is 67, which seems lucky, because it's the street address of the first house I ever lived in. I'm waiting for a grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, I was, four hours ago. Right now, I'm testing out Flickr, used with Flickr Export from iPhoto. all my past photoblogging has used and has involved some painstaking coding. Let's see how this works.

UPDATE: So let's assess how that worked. Most glaringly, it screwed up the accent over the "e" in café. A small thing, now fixed. Second, it puts the picture over on the side and makes the border too dark to suit the Minima template. But I can fiddle with the coding and fix that too. There, I've lightened the border. But third, it pulls me into the world of Flickr, which I know has some cool aspects to it, but, for example, I don't know if I want to get that email saying "You are so-and-so's newest contact!" Am I going to regret this?

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