March 18, 2005

Time for Spring Break!

Maybe you've already left town. Perhaps you don't have a Friday class, or maybe you've cancelled your Friday class, or – if you're a student – you're just going to skip out on it. But I've got a Friday class, and I'm not leaving town anyway. In fact, my law student son is coming here for Spring Break. Here's the view from my front step. That's Silvio under a blanket of white.

I've got to make some deep footprints to get over to that swatch of blue in the whiteness:

It's the New York Times.

Today will be a good day to test out Silvio's "Quattro" handling:

The sculpting of Silvio's rear end leaves horizontal, no-snow slits, which seem designed for satirical effect. Can you read anything?


It says "Wisconsin." And, yes, we are in Wisconsin, and we knew we were in Wisconsin without having our faces rubbed in it.

But for everyone who's been aching for Spring Break, crawling toward Spring Break, this is a reminder why we so desperately need Spring Break. Ah! Spring Break! How I love you! But first, I must prepare that last class, for the good students who did not blow it off and leave early. It is time to think not about spring, but about the market participant exception to the dormant commerce power! Surely, that will take your mind off the snow.

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