March 17, 2005

"They're all liars!"

I just saw a clip of Robert Blake on TV. He's dramatically re-infused with life and talking like the tough guys he used to play. I wonder what we'll see of him now. Lots of interviews probably. But will people accept him as an innocent, falsely accused man or see him as a murderer on the loose? Did you hear Nancy Drake on CNN last night, scoffing at the jurors? "Who do they think killed her?" The written word cannot convey the outrage and scorn of the inimitiable Drake launching that question.

Like O.J. Simpson, he faces a civil suit, where the results are likely to be different. And Blake is so old and was so forgotten that it was hard to picture him doing anything other than slinking back into obscurity. But perhaps he's become an interesting current celebrity now. When I heard him spit "They're all liars!" I found him interesting.

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