March 30, 2005

Student protest, circa 2005.

Student protest, circa 2005
Originally uploaded by Ann Althouse.
Here's another chalk-on-the-sidewalk student protest that asks students to do something they are inclined to do anyway: walk out of class. Is it somehow less lame because you walk out of class to get the U.S. out of Iraq?

By the way, blogging from Blogger has been really pesky lately, but you can bypass all the problems by working through Flickr, which is what I'm doing now. Click "blog this" above a photo and you can get to a "compose your blog entry" window, click post, and get the post up immediately, without the Blogger hangups!

UPDATE: I'm loving working with Flickr. I just signed onto a two year upgrade -- only $80 or so. Unlike my older photos, these are 3.1 megapixels. If you click on the thumbnails, you'll see the medium sized version, but you can also choose large or full size. There's lots of additional detail in the pictures that you can see if you click on the displayed thumbnail. Also, you'll get into my whole "photostream." And you can comment over there too. So, even though I don't allow comments on my blog, you can get some comments in over at the photographs. I've taken a liberal version of the Creative Commons license, so I think this means you can blog my photos, with credit to me, if you want. In just two days, I've become a raving Flickr fanatic!

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