March 30, 2005

Strange weather, Part 2.

Strange weather.
Originally uploaded by Ann Althouse.
Look at the photograph in the previous post, and look at this. Both pictures were taken from the same spot in my front yard at the same time of day -- 4:45 p.m. The greenly sunny photograph in the previous post is the view looking east. This photograph looks west. Is it not bizarre that the dark photograph is the one that looks straight into the sun?

UPDATE: An emailer suggests that the difference between the two pictures is a fluke of backlighting and the camera's automatic light meter. I assure you that these photos represent how it looked to the naked eye. There was bright blue sky in the east, with brilliant light making the mossy trees glow green. A terrible storm was coming in from the west, blocking that sun. The sun looked pale and moonlike, behind clouds, as in the picture. And the sky was worrisomely dark.

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