March 16, 2005

No post about "American Idol"?

Regular readers might have noted my failure to post about "American Idol" last night. Sorry, I was out. Here's a picture of me out last night, chez Nina, who cooked up an amazing six course meal. Really, six courses: you can read the menu at the link. Ever go to someone's house for dinner and the menu's written out? Ever go to someone's house for dinner and have six courses, all whipped up by one person? There was champagne. We sang the birthday song. I made it home after eleven -- on a school night! -- and yet, I still sat down and watched the TiVo'd "American Idol." So I am, in fact, in a position to blog about it, as I sit here this morning, up at dawn. Why am I up at dawn? My class is not until eleven. I am up because I am up, and I have no choice about it.

So, then, how was "American Idol" last night? I don't know if my judgment was affected by watching it so late and after an evening of over-indulgence, but I thought it was awful! After all these weeks of paring it down to the final twelve, these are the twelve? Why these? They all seem woefully inadequate. No one sings in a way that I find the slightest bit appealing. Last night was 60s night, and 60s music is permanently imprinted on me as my favorite music. But they never do the 60s songs I like on "American Idol" (except that one time years ago, when Ryan Starr tried to sing "You Really Got Me").

Last night, one person did Burt Bacharach, "A House Is Not a Home" (which served only to remind me of how well Tamyra Gray sang that song back in Season One). Bo and Constantine did Blood, Sweat and Tears songs. (Must I really be forced to think once again about what the hell a spinning wheel has to do with a painted pony?)

The others? Mikalah wailed a soulless version of "Son of a Preacher Man." Anthony -- who seems to be putting a tremedous effort into bulking up and working out -- sang "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," and at least he wasn't the worse. Carrie is boring me to death, but she won praise for "knowing who she is" -- AKA staying in her box. Nikko's back and he sang that Michael Jackson "Oh, baby, give me one more chance" song, but is this really the best time to emulate Michael Jackson? Nikko's nice enough, but he represents the absence of Mario, and I want my Mario back! Vonzell did one of those Dionne Warwicke songs. Scott sang something. I forget what, but I do remember he wore a very baggy light brown suit. Anwar seemed pleasant enough, but I've forgotten his performance entirely. Lindsey was predictably horrendous. And I just don't think anyone gave a good performance. Not Nadia, not nobody.

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