March 11, 2005

"A faceful of musician poo."

The driver in the Dave Matthews busload of poo case has pled guilty and received just a fine, community service, and probation. Who's blogging the best commentary? There's Hog on Ice:
I pity Dave when the lawsuits are filed. I don't support kneejerk litigation, but you better believe I'd sue if I got a faceful of musician poo. The news said some of these folks were looking up, with their mouths open. I wouldn't care if Dave's kids starved. I would be looking for some poo payback. How stupid do you have to be to dump 800 pounds of sewage without even checking to see if it's going to land on someone?

And the Chicagoist has some fun with the prosecutor -- who took the attitude: hey, nobody broke any bones! -- and runs an appropriate picture of Dave dressed as a bear.

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