March 19, 2005

"Certainly I'll pray for this gentleman, who seems to be a troubled soul ... Part of that love of Christ is forgiving people."

So says Monsignor Paul Swain, the rector of St. Raphael, about the man charged with burning the cathedral to ruins. The linked article also quotes the man's former wife:
"I haven't been in touch with him for many years. I'm the mother of his two sons," said Arlena Wilson of Oregon state, who was divorced from Connell in 1993. "He left Oregon in 1990 and never came back," she said.

"His sons are 16 and 14. The oldest is a straight-A student, National Honor Society. They both lettered in wrestling. They're just great kids," Wilson said. "My kids are devastated. He's their dad. ... I hope he gets help. I'm sorry he felt led to do that."

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