March 9, 2005

"American Idol" -- kicking out four.

Finally, some results, some weeding out. They did a masterful job tonight of dragging out the results for half an hour. The process by which they moved twelve of sixteen candidates from one side the stage to the other was just plain brilliant. I was irked early on that Lindsey made it. Then, in the late stage of the show, we were down to, among the men, Nikko, Scott, and Travis, and only one could stay. Scott made it, and that is okay, but I was very sorry to see Nikko go. (Travis had to go.) He was my favorite of the men this week. Scott has made it, and he represents all the unattractive people of the world. He is the only fat person, the only unattractive person, who's made it to the final twelve. The last three women, Janay, Mikalah, and Amanda, all deserve to leave, so I don't feel so invested in this decision. Mikalah makes it. That's the decision I would have made. Ah! To be rid of Amanda! Janay, I wish you well! I like the finalists ... with one exception! Next week... Lindsey, you're in big trouble!

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