February 23, 2005

Women and blogging, re-Drummed.

Kevin Drum collects responses to his recent Women and Blogging post, including mine. He concludes:
Hmmm, should I defend myself? Only to this extent: the reason I suggested that women are turned off by the "fundamental viciousness" of blogging and opinion writing is because many women have told me this (and have told me the same thing in non-blogging contexts as well). Men are so routinely dismissive of women and so fundamentally dedicated to playground dominance games that many women decide they just don't want to play.

But hey — click the links and decide for yourself. My critics certainly make a spirited — if anecdotal — case for the proposition that women have no problem being as nasty as men.

Well, that has nothing at all to do with the point I made, so let me just sigh again.

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