February 11, 2005

A tribute.

To one Marine who was killed in Iraq, a friend of one of our students here at the law school, who wrote, the day after the Iraqi election:
These tributes and beautiful stories are never portrayed in the mainstream media--only the violence or death, and then the success--never a tie between the tragic sacrifice and the success!

The site has been sent to numerous military families, however, without having a military family member or friend I think it is hard for people, especially my generation, to understand the sacrifices people just like ourselves are making over there. For example, I don't know another person in my law school class (except two others who knew Bobby) who have either friends over there, family over there, or have known someone who has been killed, some law students, obviously opposed to the war--which as you know is not rare in Madison (and I opposed the war after we found out they did not have WMD), even had the audacity to tell me that day when I was notified that Bobby had been killed that "it is too bad your friend died for nothing."

Perhaps you could take a look, as I think both the left and the right should recognize the true heroes that led to the success of the election in Iraq--as it wasn't really Bush, but rather, it was people like Bobby. Also, the right needs to remember to ensure that they realize that "spreading democracy" has an extremely high cost--and the left needs to remember in order to remind them that whether you were against the war or not, this is a victory for human kind and being antiwar should never mean being antisoldier.

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