February 9, 2005

"There is even a blog...."

Imagine thinking the existence of a blog on a subject is an unusual sign of the great intensity of interest in it. The NYT does, in this article about "The Gates":
The artists estimate that thousands of people around the globe make a point of traveling to see their work, often signing on to help install the pieces. Smaller Christo communities hammer beams, tread water, twist fabric, answer phones or perform myriad other tasks to help bring a work together. There is even a blog on which visitors can record their reactions: nycgates.blogspot.com.

As I've indicated in earlier posts, I'm really interested in "The Gates." And, actually, the blog in question looks pretty nice. The Times article is mostly about whether the project will bring a lot of tourists to NYC during a time of year when they usually stay away. I've given a fair amount of thought to making a trip myself. I don't want to go purely out of fear that I'll regret it if I don't, and I'm not in the mood to travel (except in my new car). But maybe I will just hop in a plane one day and go over there and check it out.

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