February 21, 2005

The surprisingly weed-free Wead tapes.

I see Mickey Kaus also thinks the Wead tapes are awfully flattering to Bush. I wrote yesterday that the tapes make Bush look so good I suspect he knew he was being recorded. Oh, he admits he smoked marijuana, and perhaps he wouldn't have let that slip if he knew it was on tape, but why aren't there a lot more slips about much more damaging things if he was really confiding in a friend? If you think he really didn't know he was being taped, then, despite the marijuana admission, he's rather squeaky clean.

UPDATE: I'm in too much of a rush at the moment to say something I want to add about the stance Bush takes toward fundamentalist Christians, but this post cries out for the immediate addition of the joke:

The Wead tapes are "surprisingly weed-free" except for the weed.

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